Friday, August 27, 2010

Napping Affects Performance and RoadSignUSA: napping at Little Woodrow's bar

Mari Omori's and June Woest's "Napping Affects Performance" sign went up yesterday on the 4200 block of Bellaire Boulevard in Houston, Texas.

Friday, August 27 (tonight!) from 5pm to 8pm, a naptician from Napping Affects Performance will be providing naps next door to the sign at:

Little Woodrow's
4235 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77025

Please join us!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

RoadsignUSA: napping affects performance

Above image: Self-portrait by Mari Omori

Artists Mari Omori and June Woest have a project called RoadsignUSA which will be recognizing the Napping Affects Performance project through a billboard to be unveiled next Thursday, August 26. The location of the billboard is: 4200 block of Bellaire Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77401. On Friday, August 27 from 5-8pm, Napping Affects Performance will be nearby at Little Woodrows with a mobile nap station set up for napping. Come join us!

From June Woest's blog:

Mexican farmers take siestas after lunch. In China, males are seen on their factory breaks napping in public on rigid vehicle barricades. Since Japan has embraced corporate naps for public health, maybe it is not counter intuitive to think American women and men can learn to relax during the day and still compete in the labor market of global competition.

RoadsignUSA #4 recognizes Emily Sloan's performance art and participation project titled, (NAP) Napping Affects Performance. It makes the conflict between sleep and stress more public, and more fun. The image for this roadsign was drawn by artist, Mari Omori, was inspired by Emily's project (NAP). Mari's reclining figure mimics her actual experience with (NAP) at one of Emily's Power Nap Stations around the city.

Emily, a social worker at one time, will deliver Mobile Naps to your workplace- and as part of the (NAP) experience, bring a cot, clean linens, pillow, face mask and ear plugs.

Call 713-582-1198 or eMAIL


CLEANSE took place at The Foundry on Saturday, July 31, 2010. While participants lay on their backs they were wiped clean three times with a cloth soaked in cool water. They were then wiped down with tea tree oil to cleanse and offer a tingling sensation. This was especially refreshing due to the heat and humidity of the August evening. Afterwards, they were allowed to rest until they were ready to "rejoin" the world. Eucalyptus oil burned throughout the process.

This process is symbolic of how bodies are customarily wiped clean after death. As the participants were not dead, they had the gift of returning the the "rest" of their lives.