Monday, April 11, 2016

Re-Charge: A Nap Around the Table at Project Row Houses

Re-Charge: A Nap Around the Table
12 - 5 PM April 16 + 17
Charge House @ 2507 Holman Street, Project Row Houses

Charge is excited to invite you to 'Re-Charge: A Nap Around the Table' by Emily Sloan.

This 'Nappening' provides artists and culture makers a specially-prepared place and time to slow down, turn off devices, close their eyes, drift, and reset their inner rhythm before approaching the rest of the day. Eye coverings, ear plugs, and a limited number of cots will be provided. Yoga mats and sleeping bags are also welcome.

Re-Charge will be open 12 - 5 PM on April 16 + 17, 2016 at 2507 Holman Street. Drop ins are welcome.

Napping Enrichments:
2 PM Saturday, April 16 - lullabies will be performed by Sybrena Veazie.
12:30 PM Sunday, April 17 - a gong bath performed by Satmitar Khalsa.

This event is free and open to artists and culture makers.

This event is initiated by Charge co-organizer Jennie Ash as part of a series of programs exploring the subject of self-care, with consideration given to what individual, community-based and/or collective self care might look like, entail, require, or provoke for artists, curators, organizers, researchers, and educators in Houston.

The Charge house is part of Project Row Houses Round 44: Shattering the Concrete: Artists, Activists, and Instigators curated by Raquel de Anda @ Project Row Houses March 26 - June 19, 2016. Charge is co-organized by Jennie Ash and Carrie Schneider


Napping Affects Performance (NAP) is a performance and participation project providing community naps in collaboration with various performances, including (but not limited to) collaborations with sound, word, touch, and the delivery of naps to various sites and/or contexts. In May and June of 2010, Napping Affects Performance operated out of Art League Houston with 6 weeks of continuous performances taking place during Art League’s regular hours of operation. Collaborators with this project included: Mari Omori, Kisa Parker, Beth Secor, Julia Claire Wallace, June Woest, Ruby “Lips” Woodward, Art League Houston, El Rincon Social, the Heart of Texas in Nacogdoches, Lawndale Art Center during The BIG Show, Little Woodrow’s, NOTSUOH, and St. Rose College in Albany, New York.

For more information or to book a naptism or mobile nap, please call 713-582-1198 or email: or visit:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Southern Naptist Convention to be held in Southern California

The 2012 Southern Naptist Convention will be held the morning of Sunday, June 17 in Southern California at the Venice Boardwalk in Venice, CA.

“Southern California’s and specifically Venice’s abundance of muscle, sand, and proximity to water make it a perfect site for sharing healthful and relaxing blessed rest and immersion if needed,” according to Reverend Emily. “In keeping with our belief: Let s/he who has never fallen asleep in a church cast the first pillow, the convention, as always, is open to all faiths,” added the Reverend.

About the Southern Naptist Convention:
Napping Affects Performance (NAP) and the Southern Naptist Convention are interactive performance projects by Emily Sloan providing community naps in collaboration with various performances, including (but not limited to) collaborations with sound, word, touch, and the delivery of naps to various sites and/or contexts. In May and June of 2010, NAP operated out of Art League Houston with six weeks of continuous performances taking place during Art League’s regular hours of operation. Since then, followers and napophiles began meeting once a month for a Sunday naps and naptisms during NAP Church services. For more information, please visit:
About Emily Sloan:
Internationally unknown artist and post-Campbellite Emily Sloan is the founding reverend of the controversial Southern Naptist Convention and chief caretaker and curator of The Kenmore exhibition object. Sloan is based out of Houston, Texas where her practice includes education, performance, public art projects and object making.
For more information, please visit:

Image:  Restful Leg Blessing, 2010

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peppered Reverend!

Courtesy of Nick Cooper.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Rev. Emily of the Southern Naptists being interviewed by sleep deprived, undead on October 22, "The Day After."

The rested Reverend spreading the word about The Seven Blankets.

The rested Reverend's always-ready halo-pillow.

Photos courtesy of Lenard Brown.
Special thanks to Lenard Brown and Bobby Younce.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

OPERATION Nap Time, Houston Free Thinkers

The Southern Naptists are joining the Houston Free Thinkers for OPERATION Nap Time, a response to the civil ordinance passed recently ( which makes it illegal to hang out on sidewalks in the city between 11 am to 7 pm, and to raise awareness on a planned extension for the east side of town.

This will take place on Monday, August 22 from 11am to 7pm at Congress North of 59 outside downtown. PLEASE JOIN US!

To learn more, please visit:

We applaud this use of the power of the nap!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tactics for Napping in Rebellion

Sunday, July 10, 2011
1-3pm @ SkyDive ArtSpace
as part of a Many Mini Residency

“NAP Church: Exercises for Rebel Nappers”
Prepared by Emily Sloan

Above: prepared materials and extra pillows, ear plugs, and eye coverings.


To protest. Napping as a protest delivers a message and is fast, easy, recordable, and free.

To avoid undesirable events. Napping can make travel seem faster, can delay meetings, can block entrances, can create confusion, can get you dismissed from jury duty, etc.

To avoid danger (rebellious if unsupported in work environment, etc.). Napping can prevent work-related injuries and accidents endangering the environment.

One of the beauties of napping is it is a benign. By its nature it is anti-spectacle, but in an unexpected setting or situation can become a mild spectacle. Also, though there is often a stigma of laziness or time-wasting associated with napping, but when a group comes together to nap, non-nappers can begin to feel uncomfortable or agitated.

Many situations will require adaptation. A comfortable environment for rest may not be available. Hard surfaces, loud sounds, and annoyed non-nappers are potential interferences. Eye coverings and earplugs (when appropriate to safety within the environment) can alleviate these problems.

References: Glitter Bombing, Buck Wild trial, How to Get Away with Sleeping at Work by Adam Dachis

Thursday, July 7, 2011

NAP Clarifications

Clarification #1:
Neither NAP Church nor the yearly Southern Naptist Convention are operating as church-related get-rich-quick money schemes. Napping is FREE!

Clarification #2:
Despite flattering accusations, Napping Affects Performance, NAP Church and the Southern Naptist Convention have NOT made any claims to being a response to the Apocalypse...

...until NOW: Go ahead, sleep through the Apocalypse if you are lucky!

Clarification #3:
We DO advocate napping! We encourage a health-related sustainability practice, not unlike recycling and reuse encourage environment-related sustainability practices.